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Our website uses "cookies" - below you will find information what “cookies” are and how do they work.


"Cookies" shall be understood as computer data stored in the user's device for use of the website. These files allow the user to identify the device and properly display the web page tailored to their individual preferences.


"Cookies" are used to adapt Web content to user preferences and to optimize the use of websites. They are also used to create anonymous, aggregated statistics that can help you understand how you use the websites which enables improvement of their structure and content, except for the personal identification of users.


By default, Web browsers allow to save and store "cookies" on users' devices. These settings can be changed by the user in such a way as to block the automatic handling of "cookies" in the settings of the web browser or inform about them every time you submit to a user terminal. Detailed information about the possibilities and ways of use "cookies" are available in the software settings (web browser) of the user.

Restricting the use of "cookies" can affect some of the functions available on the website.